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Something from my Moleskine

Something from my Moleskine

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  • Free eBook on Designing Cloud Applications
    Too often we see cloud project fail, not because of the platforms or lack of enthusiasm, but from a general lack of skills on cloud computing principles and architectures. At the beginning of last year I looked at how to address this problem and realised that some guidance was needed on what is different with […]
  • AWS and high performance commodity
    One of the primary influencers on cloud application architectures is the lack of high performance infrastructure — particularly infrastructure that satisfies the I/O demands of databases. Databases running on public cloud infrastructure have never had access to the custom-build high I/O infrastructure of their on-premise counterparts. This had led to the wel […]
  • Fingers should be pointed at AWS
    The recent outage suffered at Amazon Web Services due to the failure of something-or-other caused by storms in Virginia has created yet another round of discussions about availability in the public cloud. Update: The report from AWS on the cause and ramifications of the outage is here. While there has been some of the usual […]
  • Microsoft can do it without partners
    Microsoft’s biggest strength has always its partner network and it seemed, at least for a couple of decades, that a strong channel was needed to get your product into the market. Few remember the days where buyers only saw products in computer magazines, computer trade shows and the salespeople walking through the door — the […]
  • The significance of Linux VMs on Windows Azure
    One of the most significant, highly anticipated, and worst kept secrets of the Windows Azure spring release is the inclusion of persistent VMs, with the notable addition of support for Linux on those VMs. The significance of the feature is not that high architecturally — after all, Windows Azure applications that were specifically architected for […]