Over the years I have blogged in various places.  Most content is still online although some has disappeared because a previous employer took down the site.  My location style and audience has also changed over the years meaning something that I site that was relevant a few years ago is no longer so.  One thing that I doubt will change is my name and so it would be a good place to settle my blogging hat as a domain that will easily stay with me forever.  Also, as we move into an increasingly online world it becomes necessary to own your own name, lest others with the same name start to make a noise and make you look bad.  I already know (via Google) of two other Simon Munros, a rugby player and an actor, who seem to make headlines for, um, illegal reasons – while I have nothing to do with them and don’t really care what they are up to, I don’t want a drug scandal to be the first link from Google to my name.

So simonmunro.com exists, not for narcissistic reasons, but as a place to put content that belongs to me and to pwn my own name

Simon Munro